About Us

about_worldwide_logisticsWorldwide Logistics are unlike other Logistics companies in that we specialise in servicing suppliers to the Construction Industry. We provide world class “End to End” total services, for all your logistics requirements.
Worldwide Logistics is much more than just a Broker, our professional staff will provide Import & Export, Brokerage, Shipping, Unpacking, Storage, Delivery to Site and Reports, all as required.

As a National Logistics company, we have specialised in the Building and Construction industry, where we deliver efficient services to our valued and respected clients. We see ourselves as an extension of your business and ensure clear transparency for seamless Project Work.

Starting in April 2008 in NSW we have expanded throughout the country, with our own warehouse facilities in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and WA.

Over the last 11 years we have imported over 400,000 Tonnes of building products into Australia for multimillion dollar projects and with a Green approach, we recycle when and where possible.