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Accidental Blackout in 22 Southern Provinces of Vietnam

May 26, 2013 (Vietnamica) — On May 22, at 2:19 pm, the 500 kV electricity transmission line from Lam Dong Province to Binh Duong Province was unexpectedly hit by a careless crane truck. This incident caused a massive blackout in 22 provinces and cities in the South of Vietnam (Dan Tri, May 22).

Although electricity was restored at 10 p.m, this incident had series of bad impacts on residents’ living and caused much damage for business operations. In fact, there has not been any kind of property insurance for these assets in case of unexpected massive and long outage. It even caused the electricity cut for the capital city of Cambodia.

Binh Duong authorities questioned the truck that caused the accident for further investigation (VnExpress, May 23).

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